Digital Marketing to Drive Sales and Business Leads From the Internet for Trainers, Consultants, and Professional Coaches.

Many websites are online brochures and never progress beyond that point. Wouldn’t a website be more valuable if it created a return on the investment? Unfortunately, most websites never get that far.

Trainers, Consultants, and Professional coaches provide value through knowledge. E-Marketing Innovation helps communicate that message with email campaignswebsite maintenanceSearch Engine Optimization, and Social Networking Maintenance & Integration. Empower your online marketing by integrating your valuable knowledge to drive leads.

The internet does have the capability to bring in revenue. It is an often misused medium that has the potential to be an important part of your marketing plan. Through website improvement and well thought out digital marketing campaigns any business can generate revenue from their website.

We help people that struggle with questions like:

  • I’d like to make our website a professional representation of our firm that reflects the pride we have in our business but our site looks like a dated brochure. How do I get a usable modern site set up?
  • I have a website but it’s mostly ignored. I never hear anything about it except for paying the monthly hosting fee to keep it running. How do I leverage the internet to drive leads or sales?
  • I know email marketing is a popular tool to generate business but I don’t know where to begin. What if I’m perceived as a “spammer”?
  • I’ve done email marketing blasts and they’re worthless, no one pays attention and results are terrible. Others make it work, why can’t I?
  • I don’t have social media accounts or they are stagnant. Is there an efficient way of engaging my contacts without spending a ton of time on it?

If you’re experiencing problems like these we might be able to help. Contact Us online or call 412-301-5422.