Website Maintenance: It’s just got to work

Many times the complex can blind us to the simple.  This is true in online and email marketing campaigns.  We become immersed in metrics, schedules, and best practices to refine our online campaigns to their top performance.  That is admirable unless we let the simple items slip.  Stripping away all the complex online marketing vehicles that are available we are left with our website, and it just has to work.

It’s a good idea to do functional checks on your website.  This includes submitting test versions of forms or surveys to make sure they function properly.  Few things can make as bad an impression as a form or link that is broken.  In fact when this happens all the online and email marketing are an exercise in futility.  Even if people get to the site they won’t have the ability to take a next step in engagement.

Remember your website is your central point of contact for most online and email marketing.  Make sure that it is perfectly functional so that interested parties can take advantage of your offers and are left with a positive experience.