3 Avenues to Actually Making Money on the Internet!

This is the most common thing I hear from people with a “web idea”:  I build this or that, and make money on the internet (subtext: I should be a millionaire within the year).  While there is money to be made on the internet many people have been brainwashed by dishonest ads and get rich quick schemes.  The internet is like anything else, money can be made with a good idea and work.  It’s not going to fall into your lap just because you make a website or application.

So in an effort to debunk some get rich quick notions I’ve broken down legitimate opportunities into 3 categories and explain how people actually make money through the internet.

  1. Traffic
  2. Products
  3. Services

I’ll break each one down into categories in the coming posts and show how each one has potential but also takes time and effort, sorry, I don’t have an incredibly easy way that anyone can make $20,000 a month.

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