Advanced Email Marketing Tactics #21: Personalize

This is a bonus tactic.

Personalize your email campaign.  All campaigns should have at least a name (which shouldn’t be a problem if the list is being built and maintained properly).  However personalization shouldn’t stop there.  Advanced personalization increases credibility and conversion rates as it begins to take a personal stake in a recipients interests.

Personalizing can vary greatly from campaign to campaign.  Good personalization is built on segmentation.  Here are some common segments:

  • Topics – Are there subcategories of information people can opt-in for so that they get specific content to an identified topic?
  • Industry – Can the content be customized by industry served so that it has laser specific content?
  • Geography – Is there a location breakdown where people can get only localized information presented in local dialects and sayings?

These are just three examples but start to present how messages can be personalized.  Once subscribers belong to very specific groups, the amount appearance of one-to-one communication starts to be seamless.  When done flawlessly recipients stop viewing emails as a commercial or “group” email and see it as a personal interaction.

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