Call to Action: Contest

A contest can be an easy call to action that generates initial interest or greater involvement. For instance a social media contest to increase likes or comments can introduce or prompt users to visit the social page regularly.  It could also be leveraged to cross channels, like social media connections entered to win an item for joining the email marketing list.  The secret to a successful contest is ensuring that the steps to enter warrant the reward.

For most trainers, consultant, and professional coaches the prize of the contest will be fairly modest and it’s probably better that way.  Large prizes generate a lot of interest but not necessarily from people that really qualify as a lead.

The best contest is one that relates to your product or service and enacts a first step in engagement.  For instance, if you are a sales training group, a contest for your book or your favorite sales strategy book.  The winner is not only engaged in the contest but will receive an item that improves credibility. A geographic prize can also focus attention on your location, perhaps a gift card to a popular local restaurant.

After choosing a prize make sure the steps to enter are clear and simple.  Some examples would be “like us on Facebook”, “join and comment on the LinkedIn group”, or “sign up for our email newsletter.” Don’t over dramatize a contest.  It’s not a multi-million dollar jackpot so don’t communicate like it is and don’t make entering the contest arduous.

The beauty of contests that have a content driven prize tend to attract well suited leads.

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