Call to Action: Trial Training Session / Free Initial Consult

ID-100211182There’s no better way of displaying what you do than letting a potential client try it out.  A free training session or initial consult can be a great way to highlight how you can help.

The key thing to remember about this call to action as it boils down to a potential client requesting a meeting.  Over-automating this lead source often leads to over-complication and a daunting web form for people to fill out that few will.  Below are two types of initial training/consult offers and recommended ways of managing leads.

Individualized Consult/Training

Individualized offers promise to address the person’s particular problem.  This is the most powerful delivery method but also the most work.  There are two key pieces of data that need collected prior to the meeting, scheduling and personalized data regarding an issue they want to address.  Don’t try to get all the information you need from the initial form, keep it as simple as possible.  Some basic information like name and location is all that’s required for someone expressing interest.

After you receive a request, you’ll likely have a follow up form that needs completed.  It can’t be an individualized consult/training without having the individual’s information.  This might be an evaluation with specific questions that will provide insight into their issue or more open-ended questions where they can explain what it is they want to get from the consult/training. In either case you should have a clear way of gathering the necessary data to deliver on your offer.

Unless you have a sophisticated scheduling app, it’s usually simpler to schedule the meeting via phone or email.  It’s ultimately simpler and a good way of introducing oneself so that the potential client does not come to the meeting blind to who they will speak with.

General Training

General training is an easier offer to deliver.  Essentially you just need to provide potential dates that your audience can pick from.  Doing that on an online form will increase conversion as your audience can make the request at their convenience without having to contact you.


Fair warning, this is a challenging offer to get people to express interest in.  Why?  Because it’s often a disguised version of a sales pitch.  While it’s reasonable to start the sales process be sure that you are delivering valuable information that was promised to avoid potential clients feeling like they’ve been duped.


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