Can the Slowing Economy and High Gas Prices Actually Help Your Website?

A lot of businesses are lamenting the slowing economy.  Almost everyone is angry about the price of gas.  There aren’t a lot of silver linings for those things but they might be a silver lining for your website.  Both these factors can actually be an incentive for people to buy off the internet.  The challenge is setting up your website to show them that.

What’s one common way.  It’s an offer everyone loves regardless of the economic climate but even more with it, free shipping.  Find a way to offer free shipping.  The perception is it saves money and if it’s shipped right to them, there is no gas expense to get it.  This is a sure fire way to differentiate from the brick and mortar retail stores.  Similar price, no wasted time, and no wasted gas. 

The challenge of a down market can be a boost for your site.  It’s all in how you approach it.  If you ignore the possible advantages and treat the site as business as usual, chances are that you’ll slow with the economy.  If you address the issue and make a compelling case for how you can help others overcome the down market, you’re site can rise above those that are stagnant.

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