Communicate Online in the Preferred Manner

Social media is the newest form of online communication.  It’s the band wagon everyone is jumping on as the next marketing media for business.  But is it?  For some people it will be, for others it will be just one more hot topic stop on their way to the next “new thing”.

Online marketing boiled down is about communication.  It’s getting our message to a desired audience.  The beuty of the internet is that message can be delivered quickly and cheaply.  That doesn’t mean there should be little thought or investment made in crafting the communication.  Every online media is just another avenue for doing the same thing.  I don’t say that to marginalize any one form of internet marketing.  They are all important if the audience prefers that form of communication.

So if someone asks, “How can I use social media sites to support my business or organization?”  The answer is easy, just convert your other forms of communication to social media.  A blog is easy to convert.  However, SEO and email marketing can be simple too.  A landing page is a great place to point a social media post.  Email marketing can provide great content for social media posts.

Twitter is the hot site now with new accounts popping up everywhere.  My guess is 1 in 10 will actually stick with it and provide usable content.  Many marketers are declaring an end to email marketing but all my favorite subscriptions are going strong, get consistently delivered, and I prefer receiving them in my inbox.   

Make good content and communicate it to your audience in any form they prefer. Are people looking for your information on search engines?  Make a blog or online directory.  Are they expecting to get them trough social media updates?  Get the content on those sites.  Did they ask for an email?  Deliver an email campaign.

The secret isn’t in the media, it’s in the content and the energy exerted in delivering the communication.

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