4 Most Common Excuses for Avoiding Email Marketing and How to Overcome Them

Email marketing has become one of the most widely misused marketing media.  Because of that many myths, fears, and inaccuracies float around about how and if it should be done. 

If, can be thrown out.  It can be done.  Many companies run valuable email campaigns that drive sales leads and revenue.  If one organization can do it, so can others.  The real question is how should it be done and is it worth the time, energy, and money necessary to roll out a quality campaign.

My next posts will deal with the 4 most common excuses for not doing email marketing and some ways to overcome them.


  • I’d prefer reading your findings and comments in french, but my knowledge of your languange is far too week. I’ll certainly try to better that fact some day. As I don’t know anyting about the story from other sources, I cannot judge as to the correctness of your summary. From the pure tune of your post, I’ll conclude that it is as factual as is possible.
    I’m sure happy to see someone tackle the language barrier to inform about things going on in the french speaking sphere.

  • eMarketing Innovation

    Unfortunately my French is non-existent so I’m afraid there’s little hope of publishing my posts in French unless I find a volunteer. Hopefully the post has value though my lists are typically based on personal experience and insight and rarely put through any kind of clinical survey or testing. Hopefully they provide some insight and others can learn from my experiences.

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