Email Marketing is for the Long-Term

With the economy sagging many people are looking to email/online marketing as a way to open new opportunities for them or their companies.  Of course, that’s something I love to hear!  However, in the case of email marketing I’m noticing a disturbing trend.  I’m calling it “The Down Economy Panic”.  People who have lost some clients or feel that their existing base is shrinking are desperately trying to use email marketing for added exposure.  No long-term plan is put in place and the only ground work laid is for an immediate send.  These short sighted email marketing attempts almost always fall flat and waste valuable time and money while providing limited results.

I remain a proponent that “email blasts” don’t work.  This can be  a one-time large promotional send from either a rented/bought list or a dormant in-house  list.  It’s the same thing really.  The explanation I’m recently hearing is “I need to send out now to prop myself up over the downturn.  If I do an ongoing campaign the economy might be righted by the time I’m in full swing and I won’t need it.”

If that’s the line of thinking, save yourself the trouble, don’t get started.  You’re just creating one more selfish SPAM message.  We have plenty of those to go around!  If there is no commitment to an ongoing campaign that provides value to recipients and then drives sales or leads, it’s a waste of time and money.

For those people that want to use it as a method to generate new business and feel that it can be a valuable vehicle down the road, despite the market conditions, go for it!  That is the mindset that will reap rewards.

Anyone trying to do a short-term marketing email to solve their current losses are likely to find another loss in a wasted marketing effort.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with potential clients but only if done appropriately.  It will surely help bring new opportunities during a down economy.  However, it needs to be designed in an ongoing way that will provide opportunities in any market condition.

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