Email Marketing Tactic #2: Cohesion

An email marketing campaign is only a campaign if it has cohesion.  Recipients should easily see a progression.  The progression should be designed to provide expected content and lead recipients to a goal.  The most common goal is a conversion to a sale or a lead.

So how is cohesion attained?  The first is that content should be similar.  Is it an educational or informational campaign?  Pick a single focused topic, break it down into sub-topics, and fully cover each sub-topic.  Is it advertising?  Pick a single product or service.  Break the product or service into feature/benefits and fully cover each. Is it an invitation? Break down multiple invites and deliver them several times and with more urgency as the event date gets closer.

The beauty of email is that it lends itself perfectly to campaigns.  It’s easily and predictably delivered and remains affordable for multiple sends.  “Email blasts” that are one-time promotions never have as much impact as a campaign because a campaign builds credibility and focus.  A blast is a scatter-shot.  It makes a blind stab and then goes in a completely different direction and makes another stab.  It’s impossible to learn from metrics if the focus is constantly changing.  A campaign provides multiple opportunities for recipients to convert when their individual need is assessed.


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