Email Marketing Tactic #3: Content

Even in email, content is king.  A significant portion of marketing emails do a poor job with content.  This comes in two forms:

  • Ads with no value proposition
  • Untargeted blasts

Ads with no value propostion are the “selfish” looking SPAM emails we all receive . . . “Look at this” . . . “Buy This” . . . etc.  Poorly done advertising emails arrive provide an unexciting and unfocused message.  It’s a sad fact that these emails are usually less relevant than chain emails that get forwarded around.  Sure there’s no valuable content but at least a chain email typically comes from someone I know.

Untargeted blasts are the second culprit.  These are slapped together and sent out to any list that can be scrounged together.  It’s likely that the people receiving the message aren’t interested in the first place.  The content is poor because the people creating the email have no clue what content would be useful to the audience.  They don’t know that because they don’t know who the audience is.

There’s an easy fix for both these problems, spending some time and energy on your email campaign.  90% of the time emails with poor content are the result of laziness.  No effort has been placed into ensuring that the email campaign provides valuable information to the audience.  If the information isn’t valuable, the emails are worthless, and no conversion should be expected.

Email marketing without good content is SPAM.

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