Email Marketing Tactics #11: Focused

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails.  Don’t try to fit too much into a single communication.  Focus on one small offer or one small topic.  The other things you want to cover should be laid out in other communications in the campaign.  Each email in an email marketing campaign should have a singular focus and should add up to a targetted focus.

For instance, when writing 20 Tactics of Effective Email Marketing (which was originally an email campaign), each tactic is an email.  There is a singular focus and detail given for each tactic.  Some common mistakes that are made would be:

  • Listing all 20 topics in an email with no description or explanation as to what they mean.
  • Breaking them into small of 2 or 3 chunks and writing a sentence or two on each topic.
  • Doing them individually but with little content and placing promotions or offers all around the tactic.

Keep each email focused and with a solid campaign it will add up to a focused series.  Keeping focused makes sure that the audience can follow the campaign which generates credibility.  That credibility can be leveraged when a solicitation is made or they encounter a situation that fits your expertise.

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