Email Marketing Tactics #12: HTML and Text Versions

There is a lot of debate over which email format is better, text or html.  Text supporters site small files and less chances of filtering.  HTML supporters site better layouts and superior conversions.  Like most things, there are pros and cons to both.  Truly superior email marketing campaigns don’t make a choice for recipients, they let recipients choose their preference.  Great email marketing is provided in both text and HTML formats.

This sounds complicated but many good email service providers automate the process.  Subscribers can update their preferences to text or HTML.  Two versions of the same email are created and when the email is sent, the email service provider delivers the version a recipient selected.

It does take a little more time but it’s a sound investment.  It allows you to reap the advantages of both formats.  Recipients that can receive more dynamic HTML messages are free to do so.  The people whose SPAM filters block HTML or whose email program can’t display images or code, have the option of getting a text version.

Providing recipients with an option for text or HTML emails caters to the audience’s preference and ensures that you can deliver your communications in the most effective way.

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