Excuse #2 For Not Doing Email Marketing: I have nothing to say.

This has got to be the most depressing reason for not doing email marketing.  When this excuse is used, it typically goes deeper than email marketing, it saturates the person’s or organizations mentality.  This is akin to saying my product or service is boring or I don’t do enough to talk about.  The fact is there is something to say, it just might be too close to see.  People tend to stop seeing the appeal of what they do after a while because it becomes mundane to them.  Every person, company, or organization has a story, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t exist.  The challenge is figuring out what part of the story matters to the intended audience.

If you want to run weekly emails that are nothing but digital fliers, you’re right, you have nothing to say.  If you’re spouting mission statements or dull facts about how the company started, you’re saying very little.  However, that doesn’t mean you have nothing to say, you just aren’t saying it.  Every business can and should do more than slapping ads or dolling out facts on the web.  Sure fliers or mission statements are boring and no one cares but that doesn’t mean the story they’re trying to tell is a bad one.  It’s like saying Shakespeare is terrible when a bad group of amateurs perform his work.  The way it’s being told is at fault, not the story. 

So look into your fliers, mission statements, or history.  There probably is a compelling story there.  Drill down to what you think the audience will respond to.  Chances are you’re an expert at what you do and if you write about that expertise, people will pay attention.  Good content is always in demand.

Don’t use the “nothing to say” excuse.  If someone really feels this way, it’s probably time to move on completely.  Email marketing is a great way to spread a message about an organization and if someone can’t get excited about that opportunity, there’s a bigger problem than putting off an email campaign, there’s a lack of passion for what they do.

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