Excuse #3 For Not Doing Email Marketing: My site already has a lot of traffic.

This is the equivalent of saying I already sell enough.  This excuse means one of two things.  The first is that you’re at capacity, whatever you sell takes up a certain amount of time and energy and you can’t take on any more, or have decided not to take on more work.  If that’s the case then you’ve made a life decision, not an effectiveness decision.  There’s nothing wrong with that unless an email marketing campaign is attempted on the cheap (either time, energy, or money) and backfires.  In that case, emails not to blame, the site owner is. 

The second case is that the site owner doesn’t feel they need more traffic.  They either feel they are making enough or fear moving their site to the next level.  This tends to creep in when small businesses begin to grow and more site traffic means larger hosting fees or new technology solutions, like dedicated servers.  Don’t let growth opportunities pass by.  Websites are often like businesses, they are either growing or dieing.

For the truly motivated site owner there is never “enough” traffic.  Email marketing also has the added benefit of being able to strengthen relationships and up-sell clients.  Don’t rest on your laurels, use every medium available that can increase site traffic and conversions.

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