Focus Goes a Long Way in Email Marketing

Having a laser focus is critical in email marketing campaigns.  The focus should answer one of two questions:

  • What do I want recipients to do?
  • What value am I providing my audience?

If the answer can’t be summed up in in a short answer, the email needs to be simplified.  There shouldn’t be a lot of “ands” in what you are attempting to do.  Decrease offers or abridge content.  Remember, email marketing is not an extension of your website.  This is not the place to show any and everything you do.  It is an opportunity to present a simple idea or proposition that the audience is likely to be interested in.

If you are saying or asking too much in a single communication, the audience won’t understand.  Rather than using time and energy to get clarification, they’ll just delete the email.  Have a laser focus that is easy for your email marketing subscribers to follow.

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