How Advanced Does Your Digital Marketing Platform Need to Be? – Platform Types

Our last article raised some questions about our opinion of Hubspot’s product.  Specifically, do I agree with Lyons’ assertion that HubSpot is hastily developed software and unfriendly to users?  In general, I think HubSpot can hold its own against similar all-inclusive digital marketing platforms.  That’s not to suggest that I am whole-heartedly recommending it.  Most trainers, consultants, and professional coaches don’t need a resource as robust as HubSpot and will receive a much better return on their investment from more modest platforms.

I categorize digital marketing platforms into three groups:

All-Inclusive Platform

HubSpot is an example of an all-inclusive platform.  It integrates with large CMS platforms, provides list management, centralizes email and social content, offers website plugins, provides triggered events and has advanced tracking capability.

Communication Platform

Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, etc. are all examples of communication platforms.  This is the most prevalent service which typically offers email and social content management, limited CMS integration, general reporting, basic website plugins, and basic list management.

Add-On Platform

Swiftpage is an example of an add-on platform as it is much more useful when paired with ACT!.  Add-On platforms are really designed to be run in conjunction with another program. While these platforms can function independently, the user friendliness for things like list management, communication design, website integration, or social media inclusion are heavily reliant on an external program.


Seems like the all-inclusive option is the winner right? Not necessarily. Its overkill for many trainers, consultants, and professional coaches, offering limited value for a much larger spend. In our follow up article we’ll provide suggestions on how to effectively analyze whether an all-inclusive platform is a good fit for your digital needs.

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