Is Your Digital Marketing Burned-Out or Bored-Out?

ID-10046983In a recent conversation with a client that offers sales training and consulting, the owner said, “We’re burned out. Everything seems the same. We start putting together content and inevitably we end up writing a similar article every time.” It’s not uncommon for trainers, consultants, or professional coaches to fall into a rut because they forget the power of their content. However, that’s not burn-out, it’s bored-out.

Burn-out and bored-out are polar opposites of one another but are often referred to as if they are the same thing. Since burn-out and bored-out are opposites they call for different plans of action.

Digital marketing happens at a much quicker pace than any marketing media has in the past. It’s important to take stock of the quality of your current content to ensure you’re producing marketing communications at a level that is worthy of the product or service you provide. If it’s not valuable or insightful for your target market, then it’s a wasted effort.

If you are truly burned out, meaning the level of time, energy, and/or money is exhausting, then it’s time to re-evaluate the entire marketing mix. An over-extension on your marketing plan will lead to a collapse sooner rather than later. It’s better to re-evaluate that plan and formulate something more manageable before a total collapse occurs requiring a restart of marketing initiatives.

It’s much more common to be bored-out, meaning the content or campaign has become tiresome to you personally and creating the necessary elements has become mind numbingly dull. A revitalization process is necessary to overcome bored-out because that lack of energy will bleed into the marketing materials.

Get some outside perspective so that you can look at your digital marketing with fresh eyes. Many times a trainer, consultant, or coach’s familiarity with their expertise makes them an impossible critic. They fail to see the powerful insights in their content because it’s old news to them. An outsiders perspective that has less familiarity will highlight if bored-out Is a result over being overly critical. If it is the outside enthusiasm can reinvigorate the trainer, consultant, or professional coach.

If you confirm that your content or communication has become monotonous or dull then challenge yourself. What are some new topics or channels you can use to revitalize your digital marketing? Put some real thought into making new compelling content. If you are struggling to find new material get outside suggestions or hire help to revamp what is causing the bored-out.

Burn-out and bored-out pose equal risks to your digital marketing but be careful not to misidentify them. Burn-out calls for a slow down and re-evaluation where bored-out is often a speed up for revitalization. It’s important to handle either burn-out or bored-out urgently because a collapse will stop the entire digital marketing campaign or a lethargic uninteresting campaign will lose the target market.

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