Just Do My Social Media

ID-100160872A lot of times potential clients will tell us, “We want you to do our social media for us.”  When we ask what they mean by that it usually boils down to, “I don’t want any involvement, I want you to post and manage everything for me.”  While many things on social media like company pages or company communications can be delegated, it doesn’t apply across the board.  Social media accounts are a personal communication platform and the only person that can be you is . . . you.

I’ve yet to have anyone come asking for an email marketing campaign and also say, “While you’re at it, can you manage my email inbox.  Just use your best judgment when replying to people and give me a monthly overview.” Of course, that’s absurd.  Personal emails are meant for that particular individual not someone pretending to be that individual.

Bad news for those that want to delegate everything, the same holds true for much of social media.  The only difference between personal emails and social media posts is that most social media posts are visible to a larger group of people.  That added exposure does not remove the expectation that the intended individual is the one posting/responding.

Delegating company communications on social media is often valuable because those communications aren’t intended to be an individual’s voice.  However, companies don’t say things, people at companies do.  For truly powerful social media campaigns, individual participation supplements the company communications so that there is a personal connection.


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