Reason 2: Mail and Email Provide More Prospect Detail

Email marketing and direct mail need different sets of information for execution.  Name and email address are a minimum for email.  Name and physical address are necessary for mail.  Of course, there is nothing stopping you from including a form on your website asking for addresses, company name, birth date, mother’s maiden name, etc.    However, there should be something stopping you, a desire to get people to actually fill out the form.

Using direct mail with email gives a natural platform to gain valuable information like an address or company name because people know it helps get the mail delivered.  When users don’t understand why someone is asking for information, they typically won’t give it.  When asking for the information seems reasonable and they understand what they are going to receive in return, they will fill out the form.  With the web and email forms, less is more. Meaning the less you ask for, the more people will fill it out.  Direct mail provides a natural extension to gain more information and providing a reasonable reason for needing it.  It also provides an added incentive for prospect’s to provide their valuable information.

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