Make Social Sharing Easy

Most people engage in social media to interact with a target market and gain a following. Often times, generating that interest is easier said than done. Valuable commentary and content is a prerequisite to gaining a valuable following but beyond that, sharing should be made easy on your audience to broaden your reach.

The unique power of social media is the ability to share. That one feature makes social media a vastly scalable channel. So if the goal is for others to share your content, then why do many trainers, consultants, and professional coaches make it so hard to share?

When asking that question many people will say, “They can just like it, or retweet it, or share it, or pin it, etc.” The problem with that thinking is that it presupposes your audience interacts with content in the exact same manner you do. That’s a dangerous assumption and one that can limit your overall reach.

Look for ways of making sharing easy across social media platforms. A simple way is to include your content on multiple platforms. Trainers, consultants, and professional coaches often target LinkedIn due to its business focus and neglect other platforms. While LinkedIn does tend to perform the best for trainers, consultants, and professional coaches that doesn’t mean that other platforms can’t contribute value.

Make sure to include social shareability off of your social channels. Share buttons for websites and email have become prevalent and easier than ever to implement. This allows people to share your content with a single click. We suggest using Addthis as it includes tons of social media platforms, customization, and makes integration simple. Widgets, I frames, and plugins are all available for different integration applications. If Addthis does not offer a necessary component, find a social sharing utility that suits your needs, there are many quality ones available.

As a general rule, check each channel for a two-click share process. If it takes more than two clicks for users to share your content then the process is likely a barrier that prevents some sharing.

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