Making Your Digital Marketing Relatable

ID-100293556It’s not uncommon for us to run into a trainer, consultant, or professional coach that says, “I’m putting a lot of effort into marketing and I’m just not seeing results.” Sometimes the effort is questionable but many times there is a legitimate marketing campaign being rolled out with little to show for it. If you have a well-constructed campaign but no results from it, the problem is likely that your messages are not relatable to your target audience.

A digital marketing campaign will only be relatable to your target market if you understand your target market. It’s impossible to make compelling communications if you don’t understand your prospects and clients and the concerns they face on a day-to-day basis.

If you are certain that your communications are pertinent to your audience then the problem might be in the authenticity of your messages. Are they honest and transparent? Many marketing communications are watered down clichés or confusing corporate speak rather than a truly interesting or insightful message. If marketing messages aren’t saying something that resonates with the individual, then it will be ignored.

Marketing provides a stage for you to communicate why you are relevant to your target audience. Companies, even small firms, often have a brand but no voice for that stage. The voice of a company is the people that make up an organization. When it comes to trainers, consultants, or coaches, people don’t relate to companies. Rather they relate to the person they are interacting with.

Use that connection in your communications by communicating and reinforcing the same enthusiastic, compelling, and insightful messages that the trainers, consultants, or coaches provide when dealing with prospects or clients directly. If the digital marketing campaign can’t provide that same level of engagement, then it will be a shadow of what the company can truly provide and will remain largely irrelevant and ignored.

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