SEO Copying Pitfall #4: Won’t Beat the Competition By Staying Just Behind Them

A problem for everyone that copies the competition’s SEO tactics is that you can’t win a race by matching your opponents speed.  In this case it’s even worse because they already have a head start.  So you have one of two options, take a shortcut to get ahead of them or speed up.

Taking a shortcut looks like this in search engine wars, it’s artificially trying to inflate your site.  Placing and hiding keywords to hit better.  Listing on any and every directory on the web to bolster referring sites.  Ignoring site usability and placing links and text solely on what ranks better.  All of these things can be good tactics but not when used in this way.  Furthermore, just like taking a shortcut in a race, someone is bound to notice and call you out on it.  Search engines might blacklist the site, directories will remove unassociated links and content, and users will leave your site because it’s unhelpful.  While a shortcut might put you ahead of the competition, it’s not sustainable and a terrible long-term plan.

Going faster however does work.  However, it takes a lot more work.  Here’s some of the things that pick up the pace for your site.  Constant monitoring of keywords and updated content is essential.  You’ll have to research related sites and add value to directories or referring sites.  The good news is you’ll catch and overtake the competition if you do this.  The better news is you won’t sacrifice your lead soon after you take it.  The only way to beat a smart and hard working leader is to work even harder and smarter.  The more diligent you are, the less likely the competition is to retake the lead.

Copying SEO might keep you in the race but you’ll never win it.  If that’s OK with you, by all means, copy.  If it’s not and you want to be the leader, resist the temptation of shortcuts and put in the work.  In the end it nets more results and keeps you ahead of the pack.

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