SEO Needs a Foundation

There are major supporters of search engine optimization and a fair number of people that claim it’s web snake oil, nothing but smoke and mirrors to sap unsuspecting victims’ wallets. I think the latter stance is quickly losing ground as more and better SEO tactics place websites at the top of search engines and help generate traffic. However, there is one pitfall to all those wonderful SEO techniques. They need a solid foundation of content to be effective.

Typically people that discover SEO want to jump in headfirst and be at the top of search engines yesterday. To say nothing of the finesse necessary to optimize a site, jumping right in often doesn’t work because they don’t have a valuable site yet. It’s a cobbled together group of “common links” with little to no points of interest. Unless you want the site optimized for the key word “boring” some development probably has to precede SEO techniques. Content is always king and given a choice between the best optimizing techniques and good content on a site, I’ll take content every time. Start optimizing by putting some TLC into your site, update it, make it more interactive, and then use the fancy techniques because all the SEO in the world won’t make a bad site interesting.

 – Eric

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