Surveys as a Marketing Tool

Surveys have many potential uses and are easier to implement than ever. But, it’s important to use them wisely so you don’t waste your time and resources or frustrate your customers with unnecessary questions. To create effective online marketing, surveys are most useful for evaluating campaigns or using the feedback to create statistics for content.

The problem that many marketers run into is that the survey is a one sided proposition, “Let us know what you think about . . .” While incentives like rewards are sometimes used, that often is not feasible for trainers, consultants, or professional coaching firms. Rather than offering prizes or monetary rewards, offer what your target audience really wants, powerful insights.

If you conduct a survey let your audience know the purpose of the survey. Will it be used in a whitepaper or report? Offer to email the report to respondents as soon as it’s completed. Is it to gauge interest in a particular event or topic? Offer a special to those that respond.

In this way surveys become a two way street. You receive the information to accurately evaluate a topic or event and your audience gets the benefit of this knowledge. Furthermore, it reinforces you as an expert because current data will keep you at the forefront of your evolving area of expertise.

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