Article Schedule with Social/Email Integration

Many times with online marketing simply completing the tasks is the most difficult aspect of doing it.  So why not kill a few birds with one stone?  A blog’s posting schedule can be synced with email marketing and social media marketing programs to cover all the channels at once.

The simplest way of doing this is by making your blog your central content hub.  Once you have an article ready for posting you can create an email marketing message that features that article.  Provide a teaser for the content and then link back to the blog.  In this way, the content is not just a blog post but also an email marketing communication.

Same principle applies to social media.  Once a blog posting is live it can be featured on all your social media profiles.  Feature the title or a short teaser and a link back to the blog.  Again the content serves as a blog post but also as a social profile feeder.

Most online marketing campaigns for trainers, consultants, and professional coaches is based around valuable content and the blog serves as the central place for that content.

Once you have your schedule in place and are using the content for multiple marketing channels, you can focus on streamlining the process further.  There are a lot of automated tools to automatically feed your blog to social media channels.  Some are integrated right into the blogging platform, others can pull new blog posts from the blog.  Many email marketing platforms have social media  integration so your email subject line can be used as a social media post and eliminate the need to feed the information separately.

When you duplicate where the blog content is being used, it exponentially adds to the value of the blog because the content for the blog has several channels to engage prospects.