Personality Can be Appealing in Your Online Marketing

A level of professionalism in your online marketing’s writing or media is essential.  However, overdoing “professionalism” can make online marketing less effective by making a trainer, professional coach, or consultant overly generic.

I was recently working on an email campaign that included video tactics that a trainer had made.  This trainer was a dynamic personality that clients loved and appealed to prospects.  Video seemed like the perfect medium for his marketing.

The trainer had instructed the editor to make it “professional”. However, when the trainer shot the video, he was buttoned down and not engaging.  Everything that made him dynamic was reduced to a talking head reciting facts.

Upon reviewing the videos, I suggested a re-edit with a little less focus on being professional and more focus on delivering the message as the trainer would if he were speaking live with someone.  Once that version was produced, it was much more engaging and highlighted his expertise by his personal communication style.

While there needs to be a level of professionalism, don’t let that restrict natural strengths.  Strive to find the middle ground that makes your marketing legitimate but also lets some of your personality come through.  Part of an engaging online marketing campaign is connecting with people and that can only be done from one person to another.  Don’t let your personality fade for the sake of being “professional”.