7 Reasons Why Direct Mail Adds Value to an Email Marketing Campaign

I recently received a postcard promotion from my favorite bookstore with discount coupons. Just as I’m sure their marketing department was hoping, I filed the coupons away and was sure to visit the week they were valid (and did). The postcard also encouraged me to sign up for email messages. Of course believing in email promotion like I do, I was surprised I hadn’t already opted for that and quickly visited their website to correct that oversight. As I was signing up for their email promotions, it dawned on me that they were asking me to replace postcards with emails, not supplement what I was receiving. I ended up finishing the form to get the messages via email but was left thinking, what a wasted opportunity. Often times clients are in a hurry to replace their direct mailings with email. While I certainly see and advocate the cost efficiency and effectiveness of email, why stop doing a marketing activity if it is working?

In my coming posts I will lay out 7 reasons why direct mail and email can and should complement one another and how even when email carries a bulk of the marketing, direct mail is a valuable supplement.

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