Twitter – A Marketing Social Networking Central Communication Hub

Social networking from a business perspective does not change what is said.  It changes how it is said.  Unfortunately without a social networking strategy it also means how many times is it said.  The biggest drain on time and resources in social networking is repetitive effort.  Twitter is starting to integrate itself with other social networks leveraging itself as a potential social network hub.

Several months ago LinkedIn set up Twitter integration.  This was a valuable extension of the blog linking that was first featured.  Facebook is also integrating with Twitter to allow tweets as status updates.  As more and more social networks interact, it provides a strategy of a single update populating all the social networks that a marketer participates in.  This is a powerful tool in social networking to make one update visible across multiple networks.

Of course the reverse is possible making status updates tweets but the simplicity of Twitter makes it an ideal engine to power social network updates.  It forces marketers to make quick points and move interested parties to a different site.  This link is likely an organizations web page which offers more information as well as conversion opportunities.

Read up on Twitter integration.  It’s an outstanding way to keep all your social networks up to date, without spending inordinate amounts of time doing it.

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  • i really enjoy going through your blog and i’ve been watching from a distance and finally felt i should let you know. keep posting. is there a RSS feed? I just found bloglines and want to put it in there.

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