Develop Toward Best-in-Class Digital Marketing

The winter Olympics are full of inspiring stories about people discovering an exceptional talent and developing their skills to be world class. For people like me who aren’t familiar with these less covered sports and struggle to comprehend the finer details of their performance, it’s often the most exhilarating part of the games to see someone become the best at their chosen discipline. It’s also insightful to hear about their preparation and sacrifice to be the best because it’s a good illustration of the mindset necessary to be best-in-class. Digital marketing skill and results require the same type of development to reach superior performance.

I always try to provide clients with some benchmarks for their industry or market segment.  Part of that review is showing what top tier results are. It’s not uncommon to find a trainer, consultant, or professional coach that insists they want to be “the best”. Many can even site competitors or colleagues that they’ve envied and would like to emulate their digital marketing.

However, when the steps to achieve best-in-class are laid out, many people find that it’s unrealistic for them to reach that best-in-class level they desire in the short term.

Don’t be frustrated if you are unable to hit the best-in-class numbers that you desire right away.  Like any professional discipline, amateurs don’t start out as professionals. There is a development process to reach your peak performance.

Best-in-class results require best-in-class effort and execution.  If that level of investment in time, money, or resources is outside your means, focus on being best-in-class for your market segment and then progress to more sophisticated marketing.

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