Email Marketing Tactic #1: Consistency

Set a schedule for sending emails and stick to it.  It is not OK to haphazardly deviate from the send schedule.  A major part of email marketing success is due to reinforcement.  When the reinforcement is eroded the message fractures.

Think of the email campign as a publication (whether subscribers are paying for it or not).   There is a production deadline that needs to be met because the audience has been given an expectation.  A lack of consistency will erode the value of the email campaign.  The best content in the world isn’t useful if the audience doesn’t know when or if they will get it.

It’s not necessary to explain the send schedule to subscribers, though that is helpful when people subscribe so they have realistic expectations of when they will receive your content.  However, people get used to seeing email subscriptions at a certain recurring interval.  They will notice a significant change or delay even if the schedule hasn’t been explicitly laid out.  Always make sure that the email campaign schedule is consistent.

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