Email Marketing Tactic #4: Opt-In

It is critical to attain a solid opt-in list.  This is often a major signifier on whether a email campaign is successful or not.  Many organizations cheat by trying to buy, beg, or steal a list from someone else.  Why do people not use opt-in lists when it is clearly the most successful audience they can attain?  Simple, because it’s not easy.  Make an effort to get an opted-in email marketing list of people who want to receive your communication.

An opt-in list is the only fool proof way of delivering your marketing message to an audience that is interested in getting it.  Typically organizations have opt-in lists, it’s just not organized in a way that is simple for them to compile.  Here are some things to check on to create or add to your email marketing list:

  • Existing customer or prospect database – These people have interacted with you in the past.  A message to them about joining your email marketing campaign is often fruitful, resulting in a high percentage of opt-ins.
  • Company events or trade shows – If someone is interested enough to engage with your organization at an event, they are usually inclined to opt-in to your email campaign.
  • Website Conversion – Get a sign up form on the website.  Visitors to your website are showing an interest.  Let them take another step by receiving your emails if they’d like.
  • Social Media Conversion – If people already are connected to you, they are more likely to opt-in for email communications.

As a reference here are two common activities ensuring the list is not opted in and will likely experience poor returns.

  • Purchasing names from outside contacts
  • “Scraping” – Software that automatically scans websites and generates email lists.

This is just a sampling of common avenues but almost every organization can gather an opt-in list if they put the effort into gathering the names and contact information.


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