Email Marketing Tactics #8: Don’t Over-Advertise

Email marketing does not work like regular advertising.  Regular ads are sent out to the general population.  The hope is that it will engage a small subset who will take action.  Subscribers typically opt-in for specific content or topics, not ads.  They might appreciate advertising that features products or services they have expressed interest in. They are often excited for exclusive offers.  Overt advertising is rarely well recieved it neglects your email campaigns value proposition for blatant promotion.

Sign ups for email campaigns that will send random ads don’t get subscribers.  Email marketing is about solidifying a relationship with the audience by sending communications that are relevant to the subscriber.  In informational email campaigns, ads can be interspersed but should never be the primary focus.  If subscribers have requested updates on certain products or services, they shouldn’t be haphazardly solicited for other items.

A good rule of thumb for both is the 1/3 minimum.  One in three communications can be advertising focused.  So for informational campaigns 2 content related communications need to go out for every 1 advertising centric communication.  For product or service offer specific promotions, 2 specific offers can go out for every one that tries to cross-promote or cross-sell other items.  Remember this is a 1/3 ratio minimum rule.  It’s OK to intermix advertising less frequently but increases run a real risk of subscriber fallout.

Don’t over-advertise.  Subscribers provide a great marketing opportunity by opting in to hear from you or your organization.  Respect what they have signed up for.  More often than not, the content and product/service specific offers convert much better than strait advertising.

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