Internet and Email Marketing is a No-Brainer for Trainers and Consultants.

If you are a trainer or consultant and are not using the internet in your marketing matrix, you are missing a golden opportunity.  The media might as well be designed with this group in mind.  Why?  Internet and email marketing is built around communicating information.  It’s a trainer’s and consultant’s stock in trade.  Their business is built on having and communicating information.  It is perfectly suited to making people aware of the subject and industry niches served.

So what’s the downside?  Trainers and consultants need to be diligent about how much content is enough and how much is too little.  Everyone hates the online gimmick of “get valuable information” only to receive a nicely packaged sales pitch with little or no worthwhile content.  The reverse is just as dangerous, you can’t and shouldn’t teach people via these mediums.  It’s not well suited for it and that’s the part that potential clients have to pay for.

Finding that happy medium can be a challenge.  You want to provide some valuable insights but not get so in depth that people get confused.  Finding a proof reader that doesn’t know your business particularly well can provide guidance on whether too much or too little has been said.  They will be a good sample audience to say whether they found the information insightful or if it wasn’t over their head.

Trainers and consultants have a perfect opportunity to give a brief showcase of what they do and how good they are at it.  Not only will internet and email marketing be perfectly suited to displaying this content, it is the most cost effective way of delivering it.  If you’re not doing any online marketing, get started.  It will introduce people to your company and services, position you as a thought leader, and transition into leads.

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