Internet Marketing Can Promote Your Local Business

There is a common misconception of internet and online marketing that it’s only for global customers.  It doesn’t apply to businesses that only have local clients and customers.  This thought is dead wrong, focusing on a local market changes how a site should be structured, but it should still be a featured piece of the marketing mix.

While it’s true that the world-wide web is world-wide, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus your site to appeal to your immediate geographic area that’s on the web.  Think about it, many major e-commerce and online sellers already do it.  Auto sites let you search by area or zip code, eBay will show you local listings if you prefer to pick items up , and small businesses featuring services to a set geographic location have successful internet campaigns.

How do you cater to your local market?  First make sure your site is set up so people can see where you are located, if done properly it will help search engines do the same.  Tie your site in with your other local marketing campaigns, direct mail, flyers, ads, etc.  Finally SEO can make a big difference.  If you are only interested in people finding you in a certain area it eliminates search engine competition.  With some effort your site should be ranked first for your product or service within a set geographic area, zip code, or area code.  Don’t waste the opportunity, if you’ve got a local market that you aren’t reaching through online media, start.

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