Search Engine Rank Improvements Take Stamina and Evolution

A lot of people are frustrated with their organic (Not a pay per click service) search engine rankings.  When they finally have had enough the frustration usually takes the shape of wanting to rank first for almost any related keyword.  Barring a massive budget and a group of talented web professionals, that isn’t likely to happen.  Start out gradually with Search engine optimization and gear up.

Think of SEO as a marathon.  No one decides the morning of a marathon that they’re going to do it (Well maybe someone has tried that but I guarantee they had a painful and unsuccessful experience).  It takes months and months of training.  Marathon runners set a running schedule that is designed to get them into their best running shape on that single day. 

SEO should work the same way.  Pick small steps and vital keywords.  Focus on a single geography before hitting wider reaching areas.  As you achieve success you can evolve from there.  Once certain keywords or areas point to your site, put new keywords in place.

There are a lot of Search Engine Optimizing strategies online (several have been covered here).  However, none of them will immediately propel a site to the top of search engines for every desired keyword.  Start slow and use your experiences and victories to achieve more.  It takes some thinking and work but if you stay consistent and keep the stamina up you’ll find that one day you’ll have built your site up to rank among all your desired keywords.

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